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6pm @ 3 Kings Tavern: Sweet Tooth Meat Tooth

We first saw this hypnotic acoustic side project of Doug and Hayley from Snake Rattle Rattle Snake two years ago at the UMS. We have been wanting to see them ever since (like, we haven’t even left IndyInk or taken a potty break – when will they be back?!).

Honourable mentions: Amazing Twin - 8pm @ Moe’s Original BBQ; Gauntlet Hair – 9pm @ Hi-Dive; Porlolo – 10pm @ 3 Kings Tavern


Friday, Friday! Friday is clearly the best day in life, and that is no different in UMS-land. It should be lots of fun, fun, fun, fun.

6pm @ Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar: Trevor Trumble (formerly of EAOD) 

Trevor’s the kind of fellow who seems equally comfortable behind the camera, in a conference room, and drunk in a hot tub with Donnybrook (whaaa?), so we’re positively thrilled to see what this member of the now-defunct exuberant pop band EAOD can offer solo.

7pm at Delite: Local Music Videos (as part of Reel Sounds: Music Film at The UMS, a 3-day film odyssey into the heart and soul of Denver underground music… and a little beyond)

7:30pm @ Ironwood Collection: Miss America (feat. Joseph Pope III) 

Because this is what we figure it will look like.

8pm @ Delite: Music Video Premiers featuring new music videos from Fingers of the Sun, Hindershot, Hot White, and more (as part of Reel Sounds: Music Film at The UMS, a 3-day film odyssey into the heart and soul of Denver underground music… and a little beyond).

9pm @ Goodwill Parking Lot: Sage Francis

Because last time we saw him live, he was wearing a lady wig.

10pm @ Irish Rover: Kissing Party

Rumor has it that Kissing Party has a new album on the way, and we can’t wait to hear it. They were recently featured on Three Imaginary Girls.

11pm @ 3 Kings Tavern: Colourmusic

Don’t you want to see the people behind THIS music video in the flesh?

12am @ Hi-Dive: Generationals

I couldn’t get enough of Con Law, and their new single “Trust” would be the soundtrack of my life, if my life was sunshiney and happy and perfect all of the time. I also had an interesting convo with one of their band members at Monolith a while back….tres interessant!

12:45am @ Mayan Theatre: Ukulele Loki’s Gadabout Orchestra

Last year at the UMS, my friend Danny said “Come see Ukulele Loki – they have midgets that eat glass and shit!”

There were no, ahem, little people eating glass, but there were circus performers, including a very talented girl who balanced on her hands on a rotating platform while moving balls around in her various crevices (I’m talking about behind her knees here, I know what you’re thinking, dirty birdy), and a fellow who swung a phone book from his pierced septum. There was an adorable girl playing xylophone ? And I wrote this scandalous thing about her.

Even if it weren’t for the various freak show distractions, Ukulele Loki’s show keeps one’s attention with their fantastical display of winsome, eclectic old-timey charm in the vein of Beirut, Neutral Milk Hotel, or Devotchka. But we are glad for the gimmicks too, because a variety show just makes sense in the context of the band, and at the Mayan no less!

Honourable mention: FaceMan w/ special guests from Accordion Crimes, Amazing Twin, Hindershot, Pink Hawks, and Brass Hands - 11:30pm @ Mayan Theatre


1:30 p.m. @ South Broadway Christian Church: Denver Music Summit SESH!

Is your Band Tour-Ready? A panel on touring

Angora is on a task force with these people, and they know what they are doing! Listen up, musicians.

The Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), conveners of the Denver Music Summit, is developing a program to assist touring musicians and bands in the western region of the United States. In developing this program, WESTAF is bringing together international experts in public, nonprofit and commercial support for touring artists to discuss what makes a band “tour ready”. The panel will also be a chance for the Denver music community to weigh in on the needs of touring artists in the West through facilitated audience participation.

Duncan McKie, President, FACTOR Canada
Shawn King, Devotchka
Craig Grossman, Green Room Touring
Shannon Daut, Deputy Director, WESTAF

5pm @ Spark Theater - Denver Undiscovered 

Westword writer Tom Murphy and local man-about-town Dane Bernhardt’s triumphant attempt to catalogue Denver’s kaleidoscopic indie music scene, directors in person.

3pm @ 3 Kings Tavern - Tulip Wars

You know how your friends are sometimes in bands that suck? Our friend Miles is in this band, and he sent us a link and it didn’t suck at all. Put that pull quote on your press release and smoke it, Tulip Wars!

Honourable mentions: 4pm @ Hi-Dive – Blue Million Miles; 5pm @ 3 Kings Tavern - Port Au Prince ; 6pm @ Club 404 – Hindershot; 7:30pm @ Goodwill Parking Lot – the Pirate Signal8pm @ Hi-Dive - Le Divorce8:15pm @ Goodwill Parking Lot - Dominique Young Unique; 8:30pm @ Ironwood Collective - Eric Halborg9pm @ Goodwill Parking Lot - Snake Rattle Rattle Snake10pm @ Club 404 - Mike Marchant’s Outer-Space Party Unit11pm @ Hi-Dive - Bear Hands; 12am @ Skylark Lounge - Magic Cyclops


3:00pm @ Spark Theater: Friends Forever

We’ve been hanging out on sidewalks talking to Mike Marchant a lot lately, and he told us this was required viewing:

The classic Denver documentary about perhaps the most exciting band in the history of Denver DIY, Friends Forever. If you are new to the scene, this is essential viewing! Your ears will bleed.

1:30 p.m. @ South Broadway Christian Church: Denver Music Summit SESH!

‘Til Our Next Record Do We Part: Maintaining Fan Relationships in a Social Media World

In a world of overwhelming media, especially in social networks, how do artists gain and keep the attention of their fans and continue to engage with them? What part should it play in their work as artists? How have some artists successfully and creatively utilized their relationships with their fans and networks?

3pm @ Indy Ink - SAUNA  

This is the reason to make it back early on Sunday. I know, I know. We’ll have been on South Broadway for 3 days already, but make sure you come check out this young band. Named Westword’s Best Band That’s Still in High School - 2011

9pm @ Delite - Wentworth Kersey 

How much does Donnybrook love Wentworth Kersey (and vice-versa)? Let me count the ways. First of all, they have 3 albums that contain some of the most beautiful music made by anyone in this fair city. For gruff manly men, they can be pretty adorable. Case in point, there’s a sweet thank you note written in colored crayons hanging on one of Donnybrook Manor’s most used refrigerators.

10pm @ Delite - Candy Claws

One of my favorite shows from last year. It seems like just yesterday (or, exactly a year ago) I was staring open-mouthed at the wonder that is Candy Claws, and now these kids are all over the map.

Honourable mentions: 4pm @ 3 Kings Tavern - Lords Of Fuzz; 4:30pm @ Illiterate Gallery - Ken Arkind; 5pm @ Delite - Married in Berdichev; 6pm @ Hi-Dive - PANAL S.A. DE C.V.; 8pm @ Club 404 - School Knights; 11pm @ Club 404 - Mane Rok; Midnight @ 3 Kings Tavern - Coverage (Descendents tribute)

Photo by Tim Weilert

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  1. Professor Honeydew July 21, 2011 at 1:23 am · Reply

    Nicely done–a great guide! Our Thursday highlights are nearly identical.

    Only band I see missing from this list is Gardens & Villa (who precede Generationals on Friday night).

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