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Having problems setting up your Belkin Router? It is really common to have issues with setting up your router for the first time. Here my guide on Belkin Router Setup will definitely help you set up your router.  

Belkin Router Setup

How to Proceed With Belkin Router Setup

  • Firstly, Connect the antennas to the router first and then plug in the router to the power resource.
  • Then, press the power switch. Wait until the power LED lights up.
  • Now, connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to the Internet port present at the router
  • Then, connect to the wireless secured network. You can follow the Quick Start Guidebook you got with the router. To avoid any problem make sure you have a good signal.
  • After that, launch your web browser and open Belkin Web-based setup page
  • Read the terms and conditions, and check the box
  • Now Click Next to proceed further
  • Then you will be taken to the Updates For Your Router Window.
  • Check the box beside Install Future Router Updates and Click Next to proceed
  • Now, Enter your desired Network Name and Network Password in the right field. Click Next again after that.
  • Then, Enter a router password in the section provided as Create a Router Password section and Click Next after that.
  • Finally, you will be shown the ‘Your Router is Set up!’ message. Here the new WiFi Settings and your router’s admin and password will be shown.
  • Then Click on the Next button to complete the setup
  • Now you will be redirected to the Create Your Belkin Wi-Fi Account page.

Belkin Router Install

Follow The Steps Given to Create Your Belkin Wi-Fi Account

You need to have the following things create your Belkin Wi-Fi Account

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Operating System

Windows XP Service Pack 3 and higher operating system

OS X 10.5.8 or higher


Internet Explorer 8-10

Firefox version 8 or higher

Google Chrome version 19 or higher

Safari version 5.0 or higher

Firefox version 8 or higher

Google Chrome version 19 or higher

  • Now, on the Create Your Belkin Wi-Fi Account page click on the Create an account option
  • Put all the information needed including your email address
  • Then, read and accept the end user license agreement and terms of service and the privacy statement as well.
  • After that Click on Create My Account option
  • Now, check your email. And open the message from Belkin Wi-Fi Mailer
  • Click on the link you received to activate your account
  • You will see the message ‘ Account is now validated’ message.
  • After that Click on ‘Click Here to login’ option
  • Now Login to your Belkin Account by putting the email address and password you created
  • Click on the Sign In option
  • Finally, Associate the Router. Put your router’s password at the field provided and Click OK

Followed all the above steps rightly? Still can’t set up your Belkin Router? You must take help from the experts. Call at the toll-free Belkin Support Number the Belkin Certified available here will guide you with the solution.

Anyway, Folks! Hope my Belkin Router Setup Instructions helped you set up your Router. Wrapping up, I must confess that the best way to set up your Belkin Router is taking experts’ assistance. Since setting up your router is the most important part of using it. Improper setup can arise different issues itself and it can cause problems in the devices connected to the router. So take the safest path- visit Belkin Customer Support portal and talk to the Belkin Support Executives to setup your Belkin Router.